Tiago Matos aka Slash aka UnXp, music producer and dj, degree in Electronic Music and Music Production in E.S.A.R.T, born in 1984 in Azores islands and early expressed a special interest in music. In the end of the 90's after some band experiences in Metal he discovered Psytrance, something completely new and very interesting that changed his way of seeing and feeling music. In 2001 Slash awakened his interest in starting a project which extends from Psytrance to Minimal. In 2004/2005 Slash stands out for his performances in the rhythms of Tribal House, Progress and Deep sharing the stage with some of the best national and international names such as Luca Ricci, King Bizz, Diego Miranda, Mark Rizzo, Joal & Dj Gas (Atlantic Tribe) among others. In 2006 the production started, in partnership with Neurotronik arose the Full on project Twisted Trolls. In 2007 already in Lisbon Slash was invited to represent Swing Music Agency. In 2008 after an excellent performance in Green Trippin Camp Festival he was invited to represent Fractal Species Rec. In 2010/11 Slash played in the Concentração Motard Faro Festival in Algarve for over 35.000 people. In 2012 he started to represent Woorpz Rec, in this same year he decided to start a solo live act project called UnXp, a night full on project, mixing good and sharp rhythms with mysterious melodies, counting already with some releases on Woorpz Rec. In the summer of 2012 he got to play in AfterBoom Festival, Monte Verde Festival and in SummerJump Festival sharing the stage with Eduard Maya for over then 10.000 people. In 2013 Slash was invited to work in Switzerland on a ski station playing on Courage Club every night until 2015. In the summer of 2015 Slash released his first compilation album on Woorpz Rec called Rendez-Vous. In 2017 he is invited to represent Reversible Rec. In this last years UnXp aka Slash has played with names like Ninesense, Absolum, Vibe Tribe, Talamasca, Menog, Technodrome, Pain Killer, Bliss, Lost and Found, Bio Genesis, Mekkanikka, Neuromotor, Phonic Request, Madnetic, Audialize, Quantium Leap, Penta, Bitkit, Time Twisters, Cosmic Station, Suria, D Maniacs, Khopat, Twisted Reaction, among many others.