Hydra-E grew up amongst a family of musicians, putting him in touch with music from a very early age. He later developed a taste for electronic music. Sérgio was a DJ touching upon the realms of rock, metal, and trance, for several years, all the while he was developing Hydra-E on the background - until the day it couldn’t be hidden anymore.

Hydra-E is the result of years and years of carefully listening to psytrance and all different sonorities it entails.

The project started in 2016 , and many tracks have since been released on some of the best labels known today, such as Sangoma Records, Namaste Records, Woo Dog Records, Pink Sheep Project , World People Prod and Kunayala. His debut album came out in December 2017, powered by Namasté Records. And now, he signed for Reversible Records, so many good things to come.