The music taste, backed by many years of his DJ career, granted Tulio to share his groovy music style to the world. To date, he has released many EPs “Psychedelic Session” series1 and 2, Our World (with Pragmatix), Intelligent Machine, Psy-Matics (with Mirok), and Following the trip. In 2016 he played the Ozora Festival as part of his european tour and since then has been in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Italy in festivals such as Freqs of Nature, Shankra Festival, Waldfrieden Wonderland and Simsalaboom. In Asia Groovebox has also been in South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan on renowned events like Play Festival, Moon Mountain, Sunshine Festival, Green Magic and others. In 2018 and 2019, he appeared in Mundo de OZ in his home country of Brazil. Many releases and tours are planned for 2020.