The incredible story of Thiago Pinheiro starts 35 years ago in Sao Paulo (Brazil). He was born blind and had to struggle hard to recover his eyesight, currently at 10% of normal capacity. His reality then has always been filtered through other senses - his hearing in particular has been his main door to the world. He learnt drums with Sir Billy Cobhan and soon his talent led him to share the stage with idols such as Gilberto Gil, Hermeto Pascoal and even Stevie Wonder in 1995 at Free Jazz Festival and in 2011 at Rock in Rio.

He started experimenting with any music familiar to him, from Brazilian music to jazz, soul, blues and R&B. He landed onto electronic music once he got his first synth and discovered its enormous production possibilities. After his first psytrance party ever - Fora do Tempo 2008 - he started interacting with psychedelic sounds but preserving his jazzy style: his approach sounds totally innovative, crossing different sub genres of psytrance, having himself several projects that range from progressive to the fastest beats.

Cyclophilia, Thiago’s newest project, is focusing on night sounds, with bpm usually ranging between 145 and 160. His compositions are an unexpected mix of fun and serious sounds, with a strong inclination for progressions. The multiplicity of scattered sounds and the uplifting atmospheres of each track lead the dancer into a genuine emotional trip, engaging body and soul at the same time. Seeing Thiago’s live performance is an extraordinary show, with live keys, 5 controllers and even kick ‘n bass lines triggered live. This makes it unpredictable as a dancefloor can be, and completely responsive and adaptable to the mood of the crowd. The intersection of smooth and sharp soundscapes will make you feel like teleporting, as melodies will bring life and openness, but without ever breaking that connection with the night.

Thiago’s production flow is non-stop as life itself is always providing him with new inspirations and stimuli. Recently moved to another studio, the new environment will certainly boost his creativity and we expect many surprises - from Cyclophilia as well as from his other projects, ranging from progressive trance, to deep house, jazz and pop. Stay tuned.