Cosmic Illusion is the brainchild of Suryansh Sharma born in 2000 who was undoubtedly inspired and accelerated by the throngs of psychedelic activity in the infamous Parvati valley, just a short bus ride away from his humble home in Manali . Listening to lots of rock and metal since the childhood took him to few live shows and concerts and that's how one day he landed in a rave. Gradually he was going there a lot and therefore was super inspired from the rave scene, underground parties and some amazing artists blasting some crazy electronic music.

Around then he started teaching himself the art of producing this music and he started djing at the age of 12. Exploring the art of electronic music with endless possibilities gives him his drive almost everyday and brings him life, inspired and cooking funky stories.

So far he's released the music on various labels like Bom Shanka, Protoned music, Digital Shamans Records, Patronus Records and now has found a permanent home in Reversible Records where he previously has released as well on a VA.