Attila is from Budapest, Hungary. He is an avid music fan since the early days of his life, spending uncountable hours in front of his father's stereo system. The type of person who gets goosebumps hearing a wicked tune. Attila’s passion for psychedelic music began in 2012 and hasn't died down since -- and probably never will :) 2015 was the year of his first visit to Ozora, and the year when he had the first public performance as DJ at an indoor event. Nothing made him happier, because since then, he has been invited to play on numerous parties and festivals in Hungary, never leaving the crowd unsatisfied.

In 2016, he joined the Budapest based crew, Psychotria Records and became an active member as DJ and later as an organiser. Nighttime or "twilight" psytrance is what Ikoza likes to play the most, but there's a suitable set in his stash for every time of the day!

Genres: nightpsy - twilight, psytrance, downtempo, ambient